Kyle Metzger


This body of work is made up of sculptures, drawings and an on-site installation, all using the same achromatic, architectural visual language. The images featured here are from a group exhibition curated by Rod Malin of Guest Spot Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland in 2011.

The sculptures are small wooden shadowboxes that house distorted views of architectural space. Opaque panes of glass obscure a direct view into them. The glass in these works is commonly used for bathroom windows and shower doors. Looking inside these boxes, viewers become voyeurs into a seemingly private space, and I want these works to make viewers question whether they should or should not be prying into their spaces.

Dominated by negative space, the accompanying drawings are copies of the sculptures' interior spaces. The edges of the shadow boxes have been folded down in these drawings to expose their hidden spaces. The increase in scale from the sculptures to the drawings magnifies the painted spaces, provoking a sense of exposure in the translation from sculpture to drawing.

In the doorway between the two rooms of the gallery is a small painted installation that brings the architectural geometry of the other works into the environment of the viewer.

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