Kyle Metzger


These installation instructions give anyone who wants them thorough guides (including a supply list and necessary measurements) for installing one of my architectural installation designs in a space of their choosing.

None of my painted installations can be moved from one space to another. Each can only be loosely duplicated to live again in another space, making their lives incredibly temporary and precious. When their preciousness is left unbalanced by accessibility, it can push these works into austerity. To balance this, I use these installation instructions to provide free access to the process that roots the fully realized works. With distributed sets of instructions, the individual incarnations of these guides indeed stay singular, precious objects, but the ideas that birth them do not.

Each set of instructions is titled and written with deliberately possessive language to emphasize the free access to ownership the work offers. Each edition of these volumes is hand pressed, and the covers are stamped one-by-one in my studio to keep these books truly self-published.