Kyle Metzger


These Paintstallations are the first works I developed directly on the wall in 2009. Rooted very strongly in traditional painting, the geometry of each suggests structural space, progression of planes across a surface and chromatic dictation of shape on a flat surface.

As these painted installations cannot be moved from one space to another, each piece both lives forever and is continually dying. Even when they are deinstalled and painted over, they are not removed, only hidden by a new layer of paint. They stay married to the surfaces they rest upon, making each incarnation a territorial declaration of ownership over the surfaces on which the works are installed, resisting displacement claiming space with a steadfast refusal to be relocated. Alternatively, our ability to see each piece dies at the end of its installation and must be reborn, re- installed to be seen again in the world.

With continual reincarnation, no two installations are ever identical, and the work shifts each time it is reinstalled, adapting to the specifics of the new architectural environment. This need for constant reincarnation in order to continue living in an ever-changing context resonates very closely to ideas of identity that have emerged from queer theory discourses. We are constantly reinventing ourselves based on who we have been, where we find ourselves at present and who we wish to become in the future; each of my pieces is given the opportunity to be re-invented within each installation context.

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