Kyle Metzger


Toward What Isn't There is a group of installations that explore geometric abstraction and architectural drawing. The show was held at Gallery Four in 2013, a gallery and artist residence in Baltimore. Each piece was generated specifically for the exhibition space. Its curation was designed to create moments of architectural expansion and three-dimensional overlap of two dimensional images within shared lines of sight.

The colors of the architecture within the works match the floor and wall colors of the space to promote the works' inextricable connection to the particular features of Gallery Four. Heavy black lines frame the entirety of each work as if it was a discrete painting, rather than an endlessly expansive installation. Medium-weight lines emphasize architectural elements within the works as relatively near to the viewer, while light-weight lines establish the limits of the works' receding space.

The black lines also indicate the most important space within the work: the space created but left unseen. In each piece, the geometry of the work comes together to create hidden spaces around corners and behind walls. At the heart of these works is the possibility of their geometry to suggest expansions within their architecture, focusing on the confounding sensations of accessibility and inaccessibility within a built environment.