Kyle Metzger


Violet Burning Sunset is named for the group exhibition it was included in 2016. The exhibition was curated by Todd von Ammon at Bennington College in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the college's Visual and Perfoming Arts Building. The exhibition was organized by Paige K. Johnston. Participating artists include Amanda Church, Martha Grover, Ethan Knechel, Cyle Metzger, Helen Mirra, Odili Donald Odita, Devin Powers, Tom Sachs, Lauren Seiden and Alison Veit.

The colors of the architecture within this work match the floor and wall colors of the space to promote the works' inextricable connection to the particular features of Usdan Gallery. Heavy black lines frame the two sides this work as if each was a discrete painting, rather than an endlessly expansive installation. Medium-weight lines suggest the walls within the work is relatively near to the viewer, while light-weight lines establish the limits of the works' internal space.

The black lines also indicate the most important space within the work: the space created but left unseen. In each component of this piece, the geometry of the work comes together to create hidden spaces around the internal wall. At the heart of this work is the possibility that their geometry suggests the expansion of architecture, stimulating the confounding sensations of ambiguous accessibility within a built environment.

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